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              Gm110bt70 washing machine of Gome


              This machine has compact design and high cost performance. It can replace the traditional manual automatic soil washing machine. It has been proved by practice that its efficiency is quite large for two hand push floor washing machines. Especially suitable for 10000 square meters to 20000 square meters.


              Product overview: compact design, high cost performance, can replace the traditional manual automatic washing machine. It has been proved by practice that the efficiency of the machine is quite high. It is especially suitable for 10000-20000m2 sites.


              User type: suitable for supermarket, warehouse, hospital, sports center, airport, parking lot, food industry and other occasions, with high cleaning requirements and large area.


              Product advantages:


              1. Economic and rapid land cleaning equipment can create huge economic benefits.


              2、 Quiet design, especially suitable for hospitals and other places.


              3. Once charging, it can work continuously for 4 to 5 hours.


              4. Small swing diameter, narrow area and corner can also work easily.


              Product design:


              1. The combination of floating brush plate and arc water absorption grill has ideal overall cleaning effect.


              2、 Subminiature design: even in the area with inconvenient traffic, it can be cleaned easily and quickly.


              3. Low noise mode: do not worry about cleaning noise sensitive areas even in the daytime.


              Why should Beitun washing machine property and cleaning company choose?


              Beitun floor washing machine now all property companies and cleaning companies will use Hefei high-density floor washing machine to clean the ground. They often use floor washing machine and hand push floor washing machine. We can see that most of the cleaners in shopping malls, supermarkets and other places use floor washing machine pushed by hand. Due to the advantages of affordable price, simple operation and low failure rate, it has been Cleaning companies are widely used.


              The cleaning speed of Beitun washing machine is very fast. The general manual washing machine can be equivalent to the efficiency of 3-5 cleaners at the same time, while the driver's washing machine can be equivalent to 10 or more cleaners at the same time. In the past, cleaners used to spend most of their time cleaning the ground, but now using the floor washer greatly shortens the work time.


              The use of floor cleaners can make the work of cleaners more respected. In the past, the cleaners used mops and brooms to clean the floor, but now we have products such as floor washing machines and sweepers, which make our cleaning work more dignified. In particular, qubeitun floor washing machine, the cleaners can sit on the machine to clean and clean the floor, and also mobilize the enthusiasm of our cleaners.


              As the use of Beitun washing machine products has also saved a lot of costs for cleaning companies, the cleaning personnel needed in the past can also be greatly reduced, reducing the wage cost of cleaning personnel, and enterprises can also increase the welfare of cleaning personnel in this regard.

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