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              Hand push floor washer to clean oily floor of school dining room


              After the implementation of the new "food law", people pay more and more attention to food safety. In addition to the hygiene of food itself, the quality of food environment directly affects food experience. Especially in the dining room of the school, the students have a concentrated meal time, and the flow of people is very large. If they accidentally get oil on the ground and trample on the soil, the floor of the dining room will be very difficult to clean.


              The traditional cleaning method is to add detergent with hot water, and then clean the waste water with a brush and a mop. It is better to use a vacuum cleaner to recover the waste water. However, this method is time-consuming and laborious, which wastes water resources, and can not be dried immediately when cleaning the ground, so it is prone to slip and injury accidents. If there is a floor washing machine, only a small hand push floor washing machine, then the floor cleaning problem of the restaurant is very easy, one person can do the work of five people, oh, not very economic!


              Let's see why this small washing machine can wash the floor so well.


              1. The brush plate is strong, the cleaning efficiency is high, the use of high-efficiency motor, can work for a long time, a cleaning 1000 flat is no problem.


              2、 Semi - circular die - casting water - absorption furnace, automatic recovery of sewage, clean the ground quickly dry


              3. The sewage tank can be disassembled, the body can be folded, the storage and transportation are convenient, and the space is saved.


              4. The fuselage is small and flexible, easy to clean in a narrow space, so there is no need to worry that the edges and corners of the restaurant will not be cleaned.


              With these technologies, Gaomi land washing machine is widely used in places with compact layout, narrow passage, frequent flow of people and sensitive noise, such as restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, Western restaurants, leisure clubs, gyms, office buildings, etc.

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